Ok--so I am not quite up to date!

Ok–So I know you are taking a closer look at this photo and saying to yourself, “2003??”.   Yah–that’s right!  2003.  I sort of copied and tweaked this layout a bit from our recent issue of Stampin’ Success , a monthly magazine that we demonstrators get chuck full of ideas.  The biggest “tweak” I made was changng the date from “2011” to “2003”.   Imagine…..having photos from 2011 already to scrap…..(Well, Michele, I know YOU can imagine but for the rest of us, that is just plum crazy!)!!

If you take a close look, you can almost FEEL the texture!   The frames around the photos are using the Framed Tulip Embossing Folder and , of course, the Big Shot!  (Did I ever mention that Big Shot and Betty Saccocia have the same initials….they are also initials for something else but I am not going there!).

Anyhow, that folder was in the last mini catalog which has ended (all good things gotta come to an end!) BUT you can still get it!  AND it is only $7.95–can you stand it!   Texture like this should be more expensive, don’t ya think?   But it is NOT–just be in touch and I will hook you up.

And that cute little heart shaped paper clip—-you, too, can make that.   I will explain some day when I have more time.   It will change your life—or at least your joy in office products so stay tuned for that one.

Now, I wish I knew how to enlarge this photo but if you do, this will be worth it.   Check out Olivia’s face on the photo standing in front of the sheep.  I am thinking that sheep might have just ….well, I am not sure what but that face–PRICELESS!

Go scrap something!


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