Stevie Wonder turns 17!!


I had the opportunity (I was going to say “pleasure” but I am not sure about that!) to watch my nephew, Steven, come into this world 17 years ago today! It was a LONG day—even for those of us just watching! I would suspect, if you asked his mother, she would say there have been a lot of long days since then. But regardless, it was like watching a miracle….and he has given us the opportunity to watch several miricles since then.
Steven was hit by a car when he was 3. He had major head injuries along with other broken and injured parts. On his 4th birthday, in the ICU at Children’s Hospital in CT, he smiled….a miracle! He made it out of the hospital —a miracle! Doing fantastic in school—a miracle! And recently, I had the opportunity to watch him perform as Helen Keller’s brother in A Miracle Worker—he did an unbelievable job. After the show, he wrapped the audience around his finger, telling his own story. I was so proud of him.

ok–To get to the card: What kind of a card to you send a 17 year old BOY with this sort of history?  You got me! This card has no real significance–it is just sort of 17 year old grungy with a little royalty mixed in.

Happy Birthday Steven! (He doesn’t read my blog—that would be a miracle!!)


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