51 years!!


Today is my parents anniversary….51 years! phew!
That is a LONG time!! They are good for each other—sort of keep each other in check. They always vote opposite. I think they realized that years too late—they could have just stayed home from the polls! But–they wouldn’t do that. They always do the the right thing. It is in their DNA—Do what is right! And that is how they roll!

I am lucky to have them. So–this lucky girl made a card (seems like if you were this lucky you might do more than adhere a little cardstock together, no?–Ah well–that is how I roll!)
Anywho–here is their card:I used the Big Shot and the Perfect Polka Dots embossing folder for my father.   He recently found out about the Big Shot and was very impressed (–get it–IMpressed?!)—I think it was because it was a “tool”.  I know this card doesn’t look really “manly’ but let’s face it–a card for a “couple” is really designed for the woman—they are so much easier to please…..no matter what a man says!  Anyhow, I used the ribbon and the pearls for my mother—-because she is more impressed with pretty than tools!

Here is to a great year for a great couple!


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