My baby birds


This is not stamping related but I just had to share!  A few weeks ago, I noticed a robin’s nest in my “Dragon Lady” Holly bush outside of my window.  They call it “Dragon Lady” because you can’t get near it!   It is pretty but REALLY hurt-y!  So, it was a great spot to set up a home that you need protected!

This robin layed 4 eggs….and for weeks I watched her sit on them.   Well—not constantly.    I did other things too but I check up on her all the time and tried not to bother her.   She left for couple of times a day, checked in with her friends, had a meal or two and returned home to sit on her eggs.

It seemed to go on forever!   ( I swear that the momma was picking at those eggs trying to get them to speed up this hatching process!   She has heard about “Empty Nest sydrome” and wanted to try it out!)   But finally, they started to hatch!!!

The eldest hatches!

Well, it took several more days for the others to hatch….I am not even sure all 4 hatched.   Can’t really tell but these are some baby pictures that I have taken:

Ok–If you are still with me you must think they are cute!   I am fascinated with these little guys and am already feeling a bit sad that they will be leaving soon.   BUT  before they do, I am going to get as many photos as I can.   Now, this next one is a riot!   I ACCIDENTLY bumped the branch while trying to take the photo.    I have done a little Robin research over the past weeks and found out that they sense their mother (who is proably ready with a worm) by movement and heat.   When I bumped the branch, they must have thought it was dinner time!   Check this out:

This last one is from today.  Again, I made a noise and messed with these poor little guys.  I feel like I should bring them a worm or something for all the trouble I have caused!  

You can see that they are growing up right before our eyes!    This one’s little eyes are now open.   It won’t be long now before they leave the nest (sniff sniff!).

Just for the record, the mom came back to sit on them for many days….which couldn’t have been comfortable for anyone!   BUT, I haven’t seen her the past couple of days.   I assume she feeds them but I haven’t seen her in a while.   I hope she doesn’t have post partum depression!

Take time today to smell the roses….or watch a little bird!  It will make you smile!


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