Spelin Duznt Kount!

I once had a shirt that said that. I think I was about 12 years old. (I shows up occassionally in some ghastly slides from vacations in the 70s!). Anyhow, I am a poor speller from WAY back. Sometimes it is so bad that my spell check says, “Lady, you are on your own with THIS one! Good Luck!”

Well, I had to mess the spelling on today’s card a bit so it would fit. I BELIEVE you should really spell “yeah” with an “h” at the end…..but there was no room for that….so what if you spell it “yea”–doens’t that still make the same sound? Regardless, here is the card:

This is a card I made for my friend and fellow demonstrator, Sandy (Hey Sandy–Hope the mail already came–otherwise don’t look!).  She is FINALLY retiring and I am so happy for her!  I am SO happy for her, in fact, that I pulled out my StampAMaJig and used it (alot) on this card.   The way I talk about my SAMJ you would think I hate it.  It is the opposite, in fact.  I LOVE it!!—there is NO way that row of….whatever those things are could be even close to straight without my trusty SAMJ!  Enjoy!
**Please note that today is the LAST day to order from the 2010-11 catalog.  Please to to www.bettyboop.stampinup.net in order so see the discontinued stamps and accessories.   You can order directly through the website or just give me a holler and I will help you out!

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