Manly….but I like it too!


Do you remember that commercial? I think it was for Irish Spring soap. If you don’t remember it–congratulations on being young…..or younger than me……which, by the way, is getting older every day.
ANYWHO—yesterday I showed you a fun EASY card with the Big Top Designer Series Paper. Today, I am going to show you THE EXACT SAME card but with different paper, giving it a classy, manly look.

Manly….but I like it too!

What I love about this is the versitility of a little DSP (Remember?–that is “cool demonstrator talk” for Designer Series Paper) and a basic Greeting Stamp set. I told you that is all you really need in life…well that and a roof over your head and a good friend……and a little cash helps…..oh—and good slippers…..but back to paper crafting! This is a fantasitic greeting set (Curly Cute—so appropriately named–W#117014~$19.95, C#120510~$14.95) is perfect. It looks fun when you need fun and looks classy when you need classy!

The DSP that I used for this is the delicious paper called “Mocha Morning Specialty” paper (#122366-$12.95).   It is so elegant and yet, manly.   You also need to feel it–some of the paper is flocked!  (That is not a typo or a cuss word–it is the fuzzy stuff on some beautiful paper that just makes you touch it!).   But more on that another time.

Now –an additional little feature of this beauty, the inside!  Add a little more of the DSP to “classy up”  the inside of your card.  AND ~~bonus~~ you don’t have to write as much!   You know that is important.  Dilemma:  You want to send a card ~~You just don’t know what to say.  Answer:  Add some DSP~~Say “Thinking of You” and call it a day~    This is particularly important for cards for men.  Face it–they are from Mars and don’t enjoy (or frankly read) the mushy stuff.

Oh–and did I mention that the DSP is currently ON SALE?   Yes, it is!   Check out the the details on my website!


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