Summer….is it STILL summer?


Wow! It has been a long time since I have posted anything. And this week has been like the twilight zone….and LONG—which means it feels even LONGER since I have posted anything…..but you probably didn’t have power so you couldn’t be checking my blog….so maybe that neutralizes the whole thing. In any case, I am back!

I hope you all survived (if you are reading this, you clearly made it out ok) the storm and your nerves weren’t TOO shot by the time the lights came on. I was lucky–we camp so we had lanterns and a gas stove so I could make tea! (***Note: My sister has now added “Make a pot of coffee and put it in a thermos” to her “Hurricane Prep List”….Clearly, she didn’t pay attention growing up because my parents did just that!). I did do some board game (not to be confused with “Bored” game ) bonding with my family and discovered that Monopoly can bring out the worst in some people. I was actually happy to see my daughters playing Clue with some friends even AFTER the power came on—strange!.

Now, in my head, when I heard about this Irene character, I thought–great–no where to go, nothing that HAS to be done. I can stamp my way through this storm. I have a bunch of new goodies from the new Holiday Mini Catalog just waiting to be explored….but that is not EXACTLy how it all went down. I did get to cut ribbon for my “Ribbon Share” by lantern light with my daughter… was sort of heartwarming in a “Little House On the Prarie” sort of way.
Way back at the beginning of August, I was in the “middle of summer” mood and whipped up this card:

Truth is, I don’t really even like cherries but they are so darn cute! And I loved how the color combo worked out here—it screams “SUMMER!” So–on this unofficial “Last Weekend Of Summer”, I wish you well. Enjoy the power (assuming you have it). Don’t take flushing for granted, brew yourself a pot of coffee…..and go stamp something!
Stamp sets: Button Buddies, Borderlines (Overlooked but essential stamp set!)
Paper: Whisper white CS, Poppy Parade, Pool Party, Domestic Goddess DSP
Other stuff: Perfect Pennants die, Crystal Effects–check it out–on the cherries!


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