If ALL clothespins were this cute….


there would never be a pile of dirty laundry!! Check out this card we made at a demonstrator meeting this summer:

One size fits all!

Seriously….those are the CUTEST clothespins ever made! They are available from Stampin’ Up! —a fantastic company that not only provides some of the world’s best paper crafting items…..but is now branching out into laundry needs for fairies! (Mini Clothespins -122942-$2.95)

There is nothing better than your favorite pair of jeans that fits with just enough room to make extra dessert possible! These could be those jeans as One Size Fits All (which by the way–is usually a lie!)! These “jeans’ are made from the new “Denim Jean Ribbon” (#125053-$6.95 —and that will make 45 pairs of jeans—you can’t beat that deal!) and the adorable “mini brads” (122941–$5.50–for 200! I would hate to be the person with that quality controll job….counting mini brads in piles of 200!). Just pierce the brad through 2 pieces of 4 ” (or so–you petites can make them shorter….or into shorts—they are YOUR jeans. Do with them what you will!) and voila–jeans!

I used our white bakers twine to hang them from. Remember when everyone had a clothes line? I miss that. (This weekend, when we were camping, you weren’t even allowed to hand a clothes line….like it might invite the “riff raff” in….CRAZY! But I digress…again!).

The last tip I have for this card is how to make the clouds. 2 words: Scallop punch….oh–and 2 more words: Ink and sponge! (I didn’t count “and”). Just cut up a round sponge and sponge on ink using the scalloped punch piece as a template. But keep it moving. Try it! If it doesn’t work for you, let me know. I would be happy to help you out with your clouds.

Now—go out, make it a great day and be glad ….no matter what happens today, that your job is not to count mini brads!


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