Don’t even TRY those Swedish words!


When I was in 8th grade, we had a Swedish exchange student live with us for a year. She had graduated from high school in Sweden but spent the year in 12th grade here. It wasn’t one of those instant bonding, friends for life experiences but i must say that I have some great memories of that year….and great food! Well, the girl that stayed with us was named Leesa Whitting (?sp). Apparently, if you say “Whitting” wrong—like with an American accent—you end up swearing in Swedish! Who knew?!
A couple of weeks ago, I went to Ikea for some inspiration in cleaning and organizing my stamp room. (It is no cleaner today, I am sorry to report!). While I was there, I discovered these fabulous little chocolate treats! The had free samples out–that is all it took for me! The are called “Daim”…..Now, I leave it up to you—but I say those Swedes are just trying to make us Americans cuss at every chance they get. That said, these are the best chocolate toffee treats EVER! and I will go back and get more.

I put together this little thing for one of my good friends. Just because. It is nice to get really good chocolate treats….just because! I used the colors of the candy wrapping for inspiration. The containers I had just picked up–loved them because they were the perfect size and I like how they looked like mini versions of things you would see in an old fashion general store. I used the new Simply Scored Scoring Tool to get that yoyo flower like deal on the cover. I used the Beyond the Garden DSP. AND, finished it off with my new favorite set, Every Little Bit–there is a stamp for nearly every occasion in this set.


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