If I only had a brain….


My favorite movie of all time is Wizard of Oz. I know I am not alone there! My favorite character from the movie has got to me the head flying monkey—-KIDDING! It is the scarecrow. He is adorable….and those LEGS! How DOES he do that??? Oh- right–made of straw.
ANYWHO—when I stumbled on ths scarecrow box by Kathy Alt (demo from IL), I kew I was going to reproduce this. I tweaked the colors and the ribbon a bit but otherwise, this is a direct case (“copy and steal everything”) from Kathy! Thanks, Kathy!

So–If you love this as much as I do, come to my stamp camp next Monday. check out the details by clicking on the link to my website (up on the right of this blog). This is just one of three great fall projects we will be doing.

So–as I leave you this Monday morning, I just want to remind of the most brilliant comment made by my favorite straw man: “Some people without brains do an awful lot of talking”. Smile at them today—It will confuse them!


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