It’s my Godson’s Birthday—part 2!


Yup–today is my Godson’s birthday—but not the same one! My Godson, Christopher is 20! Yikes!!!!! What I love about him is that he just doesn’t think like other people.  This might be easy to love as he doesn’t live with me.  I am not sure how his family feels about this.  Another thing I love is that he is EASY to buy for—he likes cash! Apparently, he also needs it according to his mother! So–for you, Chris, go check your mail. For the rest of you, here is a little card I whipped up for him:

This uses the Pocket Full of Poises paper—Don’t tell Chris tho—-I was trying to use the “Manly” patterns in that pack of designer paper. I used the Perfect Pennant Punch—because what is a birthday without a pennant?!  Some embossed stripes make this “Manly”, don’t ya think?  And the brads are “crumb cake”—again, adding to the “manly” look of this card.   (You are laughing at me but manly cards are not an easy thing to do!—Go ahead–try it!)
Happy Birthday, Chris!


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