Ruffles or plain?


No–I an not talking about potato chips. I am talking about paper crafting!
Our most recent demonstrator magazine had some samples of “ruffles” made from paper…and then provided a video online so that we coud duplicate it. I know we all learn differently and I am DEFINATELY a video girl! Following step by step, written directions is not really my thing—-but apparently, it is not my fault. It is in my genes! My parents came over last week and my father put up a new light for me. I see that he is not a written direction guy either!! (Thanks, though! I love my new light and so far, so good!–Nothing has fallen, sparked or blown up!….Who needs directions?!).
Anyhow–back to the card. I had some scraps left on my work table (ok–“some” might be a slight under-estimation) of things started and aborted. I had this sunflower on the First edition DSP (Looks like a newspaper)….which I liked but didn’t know what else to do with. After watching the video, I decided to to try this ruffling using the Spice Cake DSP. I added one of those delicious REALLY big buttons (ok–“Delicious” is just a word I use when I like something—please don’t attempt to eat these buttons—that is my warning!). Here is how it all came together!
Happy Monday–stay warm!

Karma update:

I just went to put a new bulb in my ceiling fan( this is NOT the light my father put in the other day) and I put in the wrong size–there was a pop and something hot flew out, a little screaming  and now my light no longer works!   I shouldn’t have picked on my father!  Lesson learned!


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