Best Foliage in NE!


Ok–So this year, we sort of were jipped (how do you spell that? Looks goofy!) with foliage. There is a tree in my yard that generally turns beautiful warm yellow and makes that side of the house “glow-y”—in a GOOD and not scary way. Well, this year, mostly not. It sort of just faded away, unnoticed. In fact, if it weren’t for the snowstorm last week, I think that fall would have faded away unnoticed from our memories all together this year. Good thing for that storm—-we will have something to remember!
So–since you missed the foliage, I have a card to share with you:

A few months ago, some demonstrator friends and I got together and made each others cards. One friend, Nancy, had a card using the “Shaving Cream” technique. I had forgotten how much I loved doing this technique. It is fun and messy in a clean sort of way! You use shaving cream (not GEL) and spread out onto a plate. Drop in a couple of drops of re-inker of a couple of different colors and then use a toothpick or knife or whatever and sort of “swirl aroud”. Once you have done that, place your cardstock (works best with Whisper White or Vanilla) into the shaving cream. Pick it up, wipe off the shaving cream and you are left with this gorgeous “Romper Room” look (If you don’t know what I am talking about, you were not around in the late 60s!)….and it smells good too!  (Not as good as StazOn but good nonetheless!)

You can get several pieces of CS “dyed” before the pattern becomes less impressive and swirly looking.   Then just toss the plate (assuming you used paper!) and start again!   Hours of entertainment!  I promise!

I used the Day of Graditude stamp set and cut out a couple of leaves, popped up on diminsionals and there you go—Foliage in NE!
Hope your Friday is the best day you have had all week!


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