What a difference a week makes!


Ok–So last week’s October Snow Storm is now a memory—for some a distant memory–for others….not so much.   My friend, Susan, sent me these photos from our “Adventure” to Yorktown Heights, NY last week.   I was driving–Susan was capturing these moments for prosterity sake and Linda, Sandy and Patti were in the back seat trying to make the best of this.   Here is some of what we saw:

Difficult to see--but that is SHEET of ice! Trust me!

This is the view from our hotel room---warm and dry!

One more CLOSED Dunks!

Can you believe this?

Here's hoping those wires aren't live!

We waited a 1/2 hour to get this coffee---and it was worth it!

Ok–so that last photo wasn’t my finest but trust me when I tell you that was the best photo of me from the weekend!  Phew!   Here’s hoping that if you were caught in that storm, you are safe and non worse for the wear by now!

I have some new fun cards to share with you tomorrow!  Stay tuned!


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