Romper Room Update!


I just wanted to let you all know about the strange coincidence that happened just this past Sunday. Remember last week when I showed you the foliage card and talked about the Romper Room background? Well, I was at a shower this weekend and it seems that my cousin’s daughter is dating (stay with me here) the grandson of Miss Alice (of Romper Room Fame!). Get out, right? Well, then we got to talking about that magic mirror of hers and it seems that not everyone remembered it the same way. Sure–we all knew she could see US through it (a little creepy today but in the 60s–that was cool) but some don’t remember the swirlly background/music action. But some of us did—so I know that I am not crazy. In order to work this out, we did what any 21st century person trying to prove a point does… We googled it! Sure enough, there were lots of images—some swirly, some not….but just for the record—if I refer to a “Romper Room background”–I am talking all swirly and psychodelic like.
(I will keep you updated on the relationship—boy, would I like to meet Miss Alice!).

Now–On to today’s cards: I just wanted to show you a fun card I used for my nephew’s birthday card. He is VERY into Legos. I saw a similar thing at my convention this summer and knew I would be using it again. Here is what I came up with:You gotta love gel pens for adding dimension, eh?   Oh–and the dimensionals work well for that too!

Here is another card with great use of demension:  

(Excuse the quality of this photo.    I didn’t realize how blurry it was!)

This card was made by my fellow demonstrator and friend, Turissa.     It is a little difficult to see here but she cut out and popped out that middle flower.  While the stamp set she used is no longer available (it was a SaleABration set from last year…and more are coming !  Stay tuned!), the idea of the dimensional flower can be used for anything!  I also love what she did with the ribbon.   If you can grab just one little strand of the ribbon and pull it, you end up with this fancy gathered look.   Nice job, Turissa!

Do you want to be a demonstrator like Turissa?    Be sure to check out my “specials” above.   For the next few days, you will get a free BIG SHOT when you sign on….and that is a BIG DEAL!!!!!  But time is a tickin’!   Deal ends on 11/11/11~


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