Dazzling Cupcakes


I am taking a little break from Christmas cards for a bit. As YOU know, the holidays start earlier and earlier each year—like this year, Target had to sort of skooch (how DO you spell that?) their Halloween items over a tad so that the Christmas trees could have their due…..It is time to stop the craziness!

Now I know that you are really starting to think  about holiday cards now but I have been working on holiday cards since August and, frankly, if I don’t take a break from them soon, I might get bitter ….and nobody wants that. SO–I have few cards to share with you this week that are fun and fallish and not holiday-ish at all!
I had a number of people to send birthday cards to this month and a couple of people to thank just for being sweet. This card seemed to do the trick for both! I pulled out my Crazy for Cupcakes stamp set and my markers….neither of which have seen the light of day in WAY too long! I also used the “Just Add (Cup)Cake” Designer paper —which gave me just the color combo I needed. When looking for a great color combo, just go to something that looks good to begin with—You can’t go wrong.  I sort of treat the Stampin’ Up! Designer Series paper as “Granimals”—-If Stampin’ up! says it goes together–it goes together!
Now the piece de resitance (Ok–truth is–I hated French in high school….in fact, I hated French in Jr High too! I have NO idea how to spell that! If you know me, you know I have some issues spelling in ENGLISH–let alone French—-but I think you get the idea—just work with me peeps!) on this card is the “Dazzling Details” on the cupcakes. After coloring the cupckes with the markers(*), I added the DD and let it dry. It does take a little while to dry and you need to just set it aside or use your heat gun but it is SO worth it.  It adds this fabulous sparkly dimension to the card.    I love Dazzling Diamonds glitter—don’t get me wrong but this is a different sort of look—and it works PERFECT with cupcakes! So good, I might try it on REAL cupcakes—-KIDDING! Don’t try that at home. A lot of our Stampin’ Up! items are non toxic but I am fairly certain eating Dazzling Details can’t be good for you!

The Dazzling Details is in the Holiday mini catalog and is only $2.50!  Seriously!   Get 2!!!

Speaking of markers, they make a fantastic gift!   If you are thinking your holiday would be more complete (Ok–I said I was taking a break from holiday cards–not holiday ideas!) if there was a box of Many Marvelous Markers under your tree or menorah, let me know—I will be happy to contact your loved one and let them know!  People listen to me when it comes to things like that- Really!
Anyhow– go out and enjoy your Monday!
*tip for coloring with markers—if you color in circles, you won’t get “lines” and don’t fret over little bits of white that show through. It adds to the hand-made look. Coloring shouldn’t be stressful!


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