Half the Drs. are Doogie!


Ok–yesterday, I had to see the dr. about a little dizzy problem I am having (NO comment!). I didn’t get to see my regular old, expereinced doctor—nope! I am in my Johnnie and in walks Doogie!! He does his exam and then has to go check on something so I am left there freezing in my Johnnie with nothing to do but think. So I started thinking that at my age, 47, HALF of the doctors in the world look like Doogie to me!! Yep–Half of the doctors are younger than me! And you know, if a doctor is younger than you, this is what you see:

Good news~~ Doogie told me the dizziness will pass….and passing dizziness is so much easier than passing a Kidney stone (I added that–Doogie didn’t say that!).

Ok–Down to some stamp business!
Check this out::
Adorable, right?? I know! And if you cut out 2 of these (which–thanks to the fabulous technology of the Big Shot, you can do AT THE SAME TIME!), you can make a little stocking sandwich (yum!), adhere just around the outside, and use to put a gift card in!!! I know–so smart!!!.
But –what if your gift involves a little chocolate? I got you covered here too! Check THIS out:

This is a side view showing the #2 box die sandwiched between 2 stockings…and it stands on it’s own!!
Now, I know someone out there is saying, “Yeah–but you can only use it at Christmas!”.
Nay, Nay, I say! Christmas might just come once a year but BABIES come all year long (Hey Amelia–I hope yours comes soon!)! Check out this “tweaked” version of the stocking:

Ok–Let’s say you have kids….or a husband—You can make just ONE of these for a card for them—because that is what THEY are most familar with—ONE sock!

Ok–So now you know that you need this die..and since it is in the Holiday Mini Catalog, you can get it until January 3rd only. Let me know if you would like to order it. I would be happy to help out.
Holiday Stocking Die (#124089 $32.95–the joy it will bring–priceless!)


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