When you care about the very best….make a tag!


Last night I had my last class before Christmas, Tags and Tea.   Ok—coffee was also an option but the REAL focus of the night was getting a bunch of tags done.  Since a few people had to cancel at the last minute, we got to make MORE tags than expected….


Look at all these delicious tags—just ready for my little elf to add when he is done wrapping!   Just like when you MAKE the dinner, you don’t have to clean up after it, right?   When you MAKE the tags, you don’t have to wrap too, right?   I think that will go over  just like cleaning the dishes goes over!   Doesn’t’ t matter though—I had a great time making these tags.

Last night we were discussing beautiful tags and who is worthy of them.  Well, the beauty of these tags is that they were all made (ok—MOST of them) from my scraps.  People ask me all the time how I store my scraps.   I have a page protector for each color of cardstock that I own.  When I am done working, I put the scraps worthy of saving (face it, some scraps are NOT worth saving) into the page protector and store it with my full sheets of cardstock.  That way, when I need just a bit, I grab the scraps.

(Just for the record, I recycle the scraps not worthy of saving—and hope it is NOT a windy day on recycling day!)

So I say –grab your scraps and make some tags.   Now I can hear you saying how you would never make tags and the stick on  ones are inexpensive  and easy.  I say to you, it is NOT about the price and ease.   It is about adding a little something extra—a bit of YOU!     After all, if it WERE just about cost and ease, we would all just be sending ecards and calling it a day…..but  I KNOW you would never do that—-or you would be on Blue Mountain right now instead of reading this blog!

When you care about the very best—make a tag!

Now that I have those tags out of the way….about those gifts……


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