First or Last Initial??


When I am making a monogrammed card (or gift or anything), I never know if it is best to use the person’s first or last initial (“Last Iniitial”….sounds like “Jumbo Shrimp” and “Fresh Vintage”!!….oy–I need more coffee today!).
Anyhow, I am never sure which is best. And does it matter on the person–like if you are giving to a teacher, should you use the last initial as you never call them by their first name (except when you are in grad school and then you don’t have time for these gifts) but for a friend, would you use the first initial because, well….you are on a first name basis?!
I lucked out at Christmas this year because I made some notecards for the secretary at my children’s school….and her initials are SS!! Gotta love that!

Today’s sample (and there wasn’t going to be a sample today but I heard last night about some blog followers who get angry when there isn’t something new all the time (ahem, Tina!)) is my initial–and I went with just the first initial as my initials are “BS”–nothing you want monogrammed!!
This uses the FREE Elementary Elegance stamp set (SaleABration) the Scallop Squares die along with the Big shot. A little Crumb Cake seam binding and done!


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