What’s the chances????


I know–You are thinking, “What’s the chances I won the Power Ball Lottery with the ticket I bought in Newport, RI last week?”.

NOT!  I would have let you know right away!  Turns out, no one I know won it…..again!

But I am lucky–Let me tell you why:   Both my mother and my mother-in-law have birthdays on Valentine’s Day!  Why is that lucky?   I don’t know–why do we play tug of war with an old chicken bone and think our wish will come true?  Why do we pick up our feet when driving in a car over a railroad track and make a wish?   Why do we say, “Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit” the first thing on the first day of the month?   I don’t know!!–It is just the way it is!  (You DO do those things, right?  It is not only me, right?)

So here were my birthday/valentine’s cards for them this year.  Please note–they are NOT the same card—because they are not the same!   And mother’s and mother-in-laws deserve something made just for them….even if it was copied (or heavily influenced!)!

Here is my mother-in-law’s card:

This card is almost a direct CASE (“copy and steal everything”) from the Stampin’ Up! Occassions mini catalog (pg 15)  …so much so, that I don’t even need to show you the original!  I used the Heart Framelets ( #125599) —-LOVE these things!   It is hard to see but the Happy Birthday heart is inside of the card as there is a “heart shaped hole” on the front of the card.

Now, my mother’s card is also pretty much CASEd –from Shelli Gardner–co-founder and CEO of Stampin’ Up!   If it is good enough for Shelli, it is good enough for my mom!   I switched out some colors and a few layers (my mother is a blue lady—and a little less “layer-y than Shelli!) but this is heavily influenced by a card I saw her demonstrate at our Stampin’ Up! Leadership Conference last month.    Here it is:

The inside of the card.

I used the Heart Framelits again for this card.   The original card I saw had the hearts sort of stitched into the card….I went with GLUE—I used the Tombo “Green” glue and ran it just along the spine.  I knew my mom would appreciate the glue more than the sewing!!

On the front of the card, I used the Trinket Crowns (#121891).  Every woman likes a crown…even if it is subtle and small.  There is also a little texture there with the  Adorning Accents Embossing folders.   I am so glad I live in a world with embossing folders!   Can’t believe what we did with out them!!

If you have any questions or need any of these supplies, just holler!

Don’t be afraid to take someone else’s creation and make it your own….and then mail it!


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  1. Ok I have been saying Rabbit, Rabbit, Bunny. Bunny every year on the 1st of the month since the 4th grade!! LOL! Love the embossed card and the heart framelets inside! So cute!

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