Words you never want to hear your dentist say….


“You’ve got to be kidding me!”


“I’ve never seen that before!”

Seriously–these are all things that my dentist and now my endodonist have said—all while looking at MY Xrays!

Oy–Apparently I have “Internal Resorption” which I think is dentist talk for “Forget about that bathroom makeover you were planning”.   It is the second tooth in a year and a half—one in the front left and the other in the back right.  Apparently, that is the weird thing.  The weird thing to me is that I was the only person in the waiting room without dental insurance…and apparently, without a nice new bathroom!

Ah well–on to happier things!   Today is Leap Day !  Happy Leap Day to you.  Be sure to wish everyone a happy leap day today because you won’t be able to do it for ….4 more years!   This morning on the Today Show, I saw 2 people in crowd who were brother and sister (but not twins) who were BOTH born on Leap Day!  She was “16” and he was “17” which makes them old enough to probably not have been planned C-sections.   Weird, eh?

Ok–today’s samples are actually the cards we are doing for my next Copy A Card Class on March 26th (Monday Night).  The theme here is birthday.   You know you need those cards—most people you know celebrate birthdays every year (except for those who are celebrating TODAY!)!   Check out my website for details on the class.    Hope you can make it.


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  1. That doesn’t sound good! Maybe it’s from grinding your teeth everytime a client messes up a card and instead of screaming you grind your teeth! LOL! I love the stacked presents with the ribbon – such a great idea! I have the Designer Frames on my list for our next meeting – I love that embossed frame and the snail from the Button Buddies is so cute!!!

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