Solar Starz


Wow!  What a weekend!  If you live in New England–we got a little taste of summer.   It was wonderful–odd but wonderful!

I was fortunate enough to  get to celebrate a lot this weekend!

First off, St. Patrick’s Day.  Made the corn beef and cabbage that is required.  Loved it!  Family loved it (I know, weird, right?  My daughter said—at age 4(!),”I love the food the Irish eat!”   Still loves it at age 13!).  Finished up with the Grasshopper Pie I told you about the other day—YUM!  Cabbage and Grasshoppers DO go great together!

2.  Destination Imagination team did a fantastic job on Saturday morning!  They have worked so hard all year and it paid off.  They were perfect—even when the lights got unplugged (gulp!).  I am their team manager (you can tell from the gray hair and the hole in my lip from biting it.   This program is all about the kids solving their own challenge—and adults are told to NOT interfere…..hardest thing I have ever done.   In the end, tho, it is all their solution and all their glory!!  They are moving on to the state finals in two weeks.   So the fun continues!

6 of the 7 Solar Star"z" celebrating after their performance!

3.  Other daughter did great at her dance competition.   I was not there to see it as I was at the other competition but my husband reported that they did great…..and SHE reported the same thing—so it must be true!!  I wasn’t there so I have no photos to share but I am sure she looked great….that is what she told me!  It must be true!

Today’s sample is the card I made last week to send to my Destination Imagination team after their competition.   Our town color is purple and the name of their team is the “Solar Starz” (“with a “z”! –they remind me all the time).   I used this SaleABration stamp set, Sprinkled Expressions,  and some Sweet Shop DSP and I think it turned out just like it did in my head (Not always the case!).


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