Where the heck does time go????


Ok–So I was away for a week and then came back and somehow, time has been sucked away into oblivion.   It seems like the end of each day lately, I am trying to figure out exactly what got accomplished and where the time went.

I can tell you several things I learned since last we spoke, though:

1.  No one is “blessed” with a sense of smell.   I know this because something died in the wall (??) of my stamp room….

2.  You know you are middle-aged when you have three different doctor’s appointments on three consecutive days!

Ok–On to some fun stamp stuff:

These are some fun projects we are making at my Mothers, Mothers, Mothers  Day class on Monday.  I LOVE this class!!!  I had so much fun making this stuff!   You are probably asking yourself, why is it you have a “C” on that little stack of Love Note cards since my mom’s name begins with a “J”?  Good question!  I could tell you that it was for my mother in law–whose name DOES begin with a “C” –but that would be a lie.  This paper is not her style AT ALL!  And I can’t show you what I am making for MY mom as she read this blog (Hi Mom!).   I do have someone else in mind for this little treat however, and her name does begin with  “C”.   Yes, this is a Mother’s Day class but you could use these cute items for  sisters, friends, teachers, or YOURSELF!

Check out my website to register for this class here.  Space is limited so act quickly.


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