To mothers everywhere!


Today is Mother’s Day.  I just had a wonderful breakfast (from the Delicious Disney Cookbook!) that

a.  I didn’t know about,

b.  I didn’t have to make and

c.  I got to sit in one of the chairs that DOESN’T face the rest of the kitchen.

I hate looking at what needs to be cleaned while I am eating but I ususally sit in one of those chairs so this was a treat!  Breakfast was fab and I got the sweetest card from my kids.  Ok–it was a I card that I made —but it was their message inside that was sweet!  One of my children told me I was a cool mom (she lies but she is sweet!) and the other said that even when we fight, she knows I am just protecting her (she is the more direct, honest one!).  That is the most a mom of 2 almost teens could ask for!!

My mom is the best!  She always makes a big deal of things that should be big deals—like birthdays, and holidays.  She also doesn’t make too big a deal out of things that shouldn’t be made a big deal of….like when I changed my name 4 times in 4 weeks when I was in 3rd grade….or how I transferred to esentially another version of the same college after just one semester!  OK–so maybe I made her crazy but we all survived and now she gets to smile and laugh we kids tell her the trials of rasing our own children!

Well, my mother deserves a BIG thank you!  If you had any idea how difficult it must have been to raise my sister, Pat, you would sign my mother up for sainthood!   Granted, she was given a pass raising my next sister Kathleen—she was the easy, “practically perfect” one.  But then my mother went on to have two more children.  I have already told you a bit about my upbringing….and trust me, I am leaving out the stuff I think is best to leave out!–but then there was my little brother!  While he was generally a good kid (altho he did throw a hammer at the pracitcally perfect one once!),  school was not his favorite thing.  My mother supported and fought for whatever  needs he (and we all) had…..mostly I think so that we would grow up and move out some day but for whatever reason, we are all blessed and lucky to have her have our backs!!

So that said–you would think I got her something REALLY good for Mother’s Day, eh?  Well, the truth is, and this really is the truth, I am taking a lesson from my oldest sister—and taking an” incomplete”!   I have a couple of projects that I am working on and will show you when they are done….but don’t hold your breath!

So while I have quite finished my Mother’s Day gifts for my mom, I did send her this card:

This was a project we made at this month’s club meetings (inspired by Dawn O, I believe).  I tweeked  the card so it was perfect for my Mother’s Day Card.  Those pansies (I think they are pansies) are made with Shimmery White Paper (trust me on this one–this is the paper you need) punched with the RETIRING butterfly punch.   After saturating the punched image with water, you add a little bit of re-inker to it and it will spread forming this unique pattern.  I added a little yellow to the center and it did the same thing.  After the images dry, add the veining with a marker and assemble with a brad—Voila!  Pansies that can handle the heat!

To see more of the retiring list, check this out here.

Wishing you and all the mothers in your life a day of happy memories!


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  1. So glad to hear you had a great Mother’s Day! I actually recieved this card for Mother’s Day too! LOL! It was a great card to make and whether you were artsy or not your butterfly/pansy could be amazing! Great card!

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