Woodn’t You Like to Make This?


Ok–spelling isn’t my thing but I did that one on purpose!  Check out this card:

This is a card for my brother’s birthday–which was Friday—Yes, you missed it too! (Lucky for me, I have one of those “belated birthday” stamps!!…it is well loved!). Anyhow, he should be receiving this in the mail today!

This card has a lot of fun elements….but many of those elements are retiring THIS week! So–If you wood like to make this card, let me point out some things you need to order NOW! The stamp set is called Totally Tool and is a fantastic set with lots of tools and puns that sort of go with the tools.  If there is a handy person in your life that you need to thank (and trust me –those are the people in your life you  NEED to thank most of all!), you should consider this set.  And while you are considering this set–go ahead and order the “wood sheets!”.

Now–those nail like things?—Silver brads.  The adorable nail like things?  Mini silver brads!!  They fit this set PERFECTLY!

Now, you may be wondering about the little greeting and how perfectly it is it cut out….and if you know me, you know I probably DID NOT cut it out perfectly!  You would be right!  And if you would like a new catalog to figure out where this came from, give me a holler!

Ok–to make your shopping more efficient, I have a  list of what is retiring from this card and what is not:


Totally Tool Stamp set

Wood sheets ($9.95 for 4 sheets)

Silver brads (on their own– but they will be available in a multi pack with other colors)

Still available after May 31st:

3″ Circle Die

31/2″ Circle Die,

Adorable Mini Brads

Watercolor crayons.

So, Jumbo, Jimbo, I hope your birthday was a good one and go check your mail!


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