My garage is a garage again!


Well, a lot has happened since my last post (which seems like years ago!).  The Buy One Get One Free Catalog Kick Off was a success on Saturday.   The weather was perfect for shopping ( When is weather NOT perfect for shopping?!).  Really though, it was perfect and conducive for shopping through some retired stamps and accessories, checking out some samples made with new products and making the Make and Takes.

I forgot to take photos until later in the day but here are some shots of the Make and Takes.  I believe my customers where pleased with their purchases and I was pleased to have them here.

Sunday was Father’s Day.  One would think that I would have had my Father’s Day card ready for my husband WELL in advance…..right?  Wrong!  Really—I was busy cleaning the garage.  Some father’s would see that as more than enough for Father’s Day–“No card necessary!  You cleaned up the mouse droppings! ”  But I made a card, none-the-less!  But I don’t have a photo of it so you will just have to imagine the BEST card you have EVER seen!  Ok–I will get a photo of it tomorrow.

But I do have a sample of the card I made for MY father.   As you may recall, he is  a tool guy.   Even though this stamp set is retired, I can’t part with it!  It just comes in so handy!  AND we now have a fantastic wheel that works perfectly with it.   One would have thought they might have been in the catalog at the same time but alas, that is not the case.  If, however, you own the “Tool Time” stamp set, you NEED to get the Measuring Stick wheel.

Perfect match, right?  The thing with this wheel is that you really need to get it pretty straight.  Now, until about 19 days ago, you could have done that with the Wheel Guide.  Not all wheels need to be that precise so many people don’t use it regularly….which is probably why it retired.  But then comes along this stamp and now you NEED to make it straight.   SO–this is what I am thinking.  IF you don’t own the wheel guide, I am fairly certain that using a cutting plate for the Big Shot will work well.   You need to hold down the plate with your non-dominate hand, and roll the wheel along the side of it with your other hand.  Just continue this all the way down the paper.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.

I even wheeled the back of the envelope.  I LOVE this wheel!!!

So then there was a soccer game.   I think “Finalist” sounds so much better than “Second Place”…or “First Runner Up” or “The Team That Didn’t Win”, don’t you?   So my daughter’s team were “Finalists”.  She handled it well and we are done with soccer for a bit!

Then there was the Eighth Grade Dance!  OY!  Weren’t we just putting them on the Kindergarten bus yesterday?   Now they are all dressed up and trying to be so grown up….but they are still just kids being kids!   I had the pleasure of taking six eighth grade girls in my car singing “One Direction” at the top of their lungs !  Several girls had “dates”.  They went in a separate car dubbed the “Bachelor Mobile”!    They You gotta love eighth grade!

And today was the official last day of school!  We celebrated by eating cheesecake for lunch….and dinner!

I finished up today by making my garage back into a garage again.   Tomorrow, maybe before the kids get up, I can stamp something again!  They are teenage-ers you know.  I should have until about 11 am free!

Tool Time Stamp Set, Measuring Stick Wheel, Comfort Cafe DSP, Watercolor Paper, StazOn Ink, Mini Brads


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