S’mores should be this cute!


Ok–remember the Camp Out Sleepover?   Well, we had to give good thank yous as you know those girls didn’t really sleep and were probably bears for their families the next day…..Bears…get it?!   (You have to laugh at yourself…because you know no one else will!).  Anyhow, I saw this on Heidi Baks blog and ran with it:

They are “Simple S’mores Bars” from Paula Dean…so you know they can’t be bad!  They are those “food in a jar” gifts that are so popular….and all you do is add  melted “budda” (go figure!) and bake!

While the fabric that we used for the top is retired now, Stampin’ Up! has all sorts of OTHER fabrics that match their ink, ribbon and paper perfectly!

You can check that out here.

(and for those of you who were wondering, we do have fantastic Happy PINK fabric to match the tent….but I just couldn’t go there again!)

So when all is said and done, you have a fantastic favor that not only looks adorable but will bring joy to the families of the cranky, sleep deprived teens!  You can’t beat that!!


The Great Outdoors,Fabulous Phrases,  AquaPainter, StazOn Ink, Stampin’ Up! Ink Pads, Stampin’ Up! Fabric and Ribbon


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