Talk about a Quick Gift!


Last week, my daughter sprung on me that she had been invited to go with her friend to a cousin’s birthday party at one of those indoor jumpy places.  Perfect–excellent use of time, fun and exercising.   BUT THEN she springs on me that she needs a gift….and the party is in 2 hours.   While she doesn’t know the young cousin super well, she felt she should bring her SOMEthing.   And you would think, in this house of arts and crafts, that we would have SOMEthing appropriate.   EXCEPT that we had just cleaned out a BUNCH of youngish art supplies while making room for some new furniture….and believe it or not, I donated them within 24 hours!  Shocking…and  in this case, unfortunate!

Well, I knew I must have SOMEthing that could work and not have to get out of my pjs to run to Target.   I found out from the aunt that the little girl’s room is pink.  I usually have a stash of inexpensive frames that I purchase when feel I just can’t pass up the deal!  OF COURSE I will use them someday!   Today was the day!   I pulled out some FABulous Floral District Designer paper, my Big Shot and a retired Big Shot Alphabet.  This gift was literally whipped up in about 7 minutes!

We ran some of the paper through the Big Shot with the Chevron Embossing folder just to add a little texture and then added the “R” for Rachel.  We put on some matching ribbon.  Decorated up a little gift bag…..and then made my second cup of coffee!!..STILL in my pjs!  It worked out great!  Rachel got a cute decoration for her room and I got to lounge a little longer!

Look around before you head out to Target.  You just might have the perfect gift in front of you!


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