Owl Eye Yellow= Summer Starfruit


A few weeks ago, I was at this antique type place that had all sorts of “other” stuff.   I saw this great paper “owl” (or maybe it is a crow…..).   It was really big—like maybe a foot or more in diameter.   Anyhow, I sort of secretly (wink) took a photo of it knowing that could create my own at home….and home I  went.

Well–here is what  I came up with:

Scary, no?   I love him!  Let me tell you how I made him:

I used the Designer Rosette Bigz Die and the Big shot.  You could use the Simply Scored Scoring tool OR you could just accordion fold 22″ x 2 ” black card stock–whatever works for you.   I love the Rosette Die because it makes this SO easy to do and you are sure the score lines are even.  NOW–my little tip when using the die is to actually cut the cs at 2 1/2″ x 11″ . Then, I line up the edge of the CS with the edge of the die.  That pretty much guarantees that the bottom of the “rosette” will be even.

(*  There is a really cool trick to help you make your rosette using the silicone pad and hot glue….but I don’t know how to make a video yet.   If you want to know the trick and have NO idea what I am talking about, leave me a message and I will do my best to explain it to you)

Make your rosette out of your cardstock.  Then–I used 1 1/4″ circles of Owl Eye Yellow  Summer Starfruit and the Small Oval with Black Cardstock for his eyes.  I free-handed some eyebrows—well–I free-handed one and then flipped it over to trace it and cut the second one.  Mess around with his eyebrows a bit tilting them in different directions until you get the evil look you are going for!  This also comes in handy for practicing your own evil eye look—try it!

Lastly, I freehanded his beak out of Pumpkin Pie CS.   I used the circles from the little tiny eyeballs from the Owl Builder punch for his little nostrils.  You could probably just as easily use a marker .

Who knew you could find something like this in an antique store?!


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  1. I love this crow! (That’s what I’m calling him…) I’m making a Halloween Tree with lots of Scary/Fun ornaments and I’m going to make him for that!
    I am interested in your TIP you mentioned… do tell!
    Thanks for sharing!
    ~ Megin of VMG206

  2. Ok–Let me see if I can explain this. You create your accordian fold however you are doing it–either with the Rosette Die or by hand. THEN, squish up the bottom of the fold so that it is flat (sort of like the spine of a book). Then, put a wad of hot glue on it and immediately stick that onto a silicone pad. Wait until it cools ( about 15-30 seconds), then pick it up. You will now be able to manipulate this into a rosette shapre REALLY easily!! Clear as mud?

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