This could be YOURS!


Happy Cyber Monday.  As much as I would like to go shopping online right now, I have WAY too many things on my plate so I will make this a quick post and you, too, can get back to your “shopping” working!

This is an original version of the ornmante featured on the front of the Holiday Mini Catalog by Stampin’ Up!  I have had fun playing around with different designs.  This particular one is for sale at the Warwick Museum of Art Holiday Show now going on in Warkwick, RI.

BUT–You DON’T have to buy this—You don’t even have to MAKE this—Just send me your Stampin’ Up! wish list ( along with a contact person (someone who knows and loves you—and wants to get you just what you want for the holidays!).  Sorry–I can’t help out with the I Pads and Keurigs but I definately will help out with all your Stampin’ Up! wishes!  I will take care of everything…including WRAPPING!   And–as a little thank you to YOU, you will get one of these original ornaments as a thank you from me!  Deal?  —Ok–get on that!!

Got to run!

Holiday Keepsakes Framelits, Tulle


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