Calling all Dr. Who fans!


I am not really a Dr. Who fear.  Actually, I am NOT not a fan….I just have never seen the show.   Apparently, there is NO in between with this shoW though.  Fans are TRUE fans.  I have heard talk of this phone booth.  Not sure if I made it the right colors but I think if it isn’t the right color, it should be.  I embossed the iPhone booth (isn’t that funny?…this just “auto corrected ”  phone into “iPhone”!) with the cherry cobbler embossing powder.  I haven’t used that enough.  Love it.

There are some other features you can see better by clicking on the photo to enlarge it



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  1. Ok HUGE Dr Who fans at the Lala house! Actually we’re watching it right now! Lovely card, but the Tardis should be Island Indigo blue!! Can’t wait to get it for free with a purchase of $50!!

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