Refreshing colors…..Will there be drinks at this pool party?


Ok—so if you know me, you know I have been campaigning for some time now so that Pool Party could be a “REAL” color and not just an “in color”.   I even had a little chat with Sarah Douglas, daughter of Shelli Gardner, assigner of all “real” colors. (Actually, I don’t know if she is technically in charge of the colors but in my dreams she is.)   Well, Sarah apparantly listened!!!   Pool Party made the cut!~!!    After checking the computer, I ran back up to my room to let my sleepy husband in on the good news, ‘Pool Party is for REAL now!” to which he responded, “Will there be drinks at this pool party?”   WHAT??!!


Check out this video for a closer look at the colors:

In any case, I couldn’t be happier.   As you can see, there are a few previous IN colors that made the list and as a result, a few “old” colors that are getting (pretty in) Pink Slips”

*I can honestly say I am a bit sad about River Rock…..but you don’t care what I like—-you care what YOU like and what YOU will be missing!!!   Well, good news.   Stampin’ Up! is offering FREE shipping this weeend (the 6-8th) so this is the PERFECT time for you to stock up on all the items (ink pads, refills, paper, ribbons, buttons, markers, etc) of your favorites going to the great color cemetary in the sky!)

SO–get over to my website NOW, and stock up on all of your retiring favorites!  They are NOT going to last long–trust me on this one!  I know things—-saw that Pool Party REAL color thing coming, didn’t I??   If you choose to wait (and that MAY be risky—but you gots to ask yourself, “Do you feel lucky?….Well, Do ya??”), you can order on the 6th (that is tomorrow or 2 am east coast time) for free shipping.   BUT, if they sell out, they are out… me on that one too!!


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