Another tip of the week!


If you follow my blog, you know that I do not recommend naming your child, “Phone”.  The next tip of the week is not to leave a glass of water near your laptop.   I will let you fill in the blanks.  It is unknown if the laptop  will survive….but in the meantime, I am using my dinosaur of a computer–not kidding you—SOOOOO old!   and I can’t easily upload photos.  SO–you are going to have to trust me that I have been busy creating new samples with some FANTASTIC new colors and products.   Picture the cutest card you have ever seen… it?  Yup—that is the one I made!

Anyhow, I will either have my computer up and running in 48 hours or have figured a way to get you photos with Dino Dino_from_'The_Flintstones'here.   In the meantime, go mark your calendars for JUNE 15th!   That is the day of my Catalog Kick Off where you can see all the samples in real life, you can shop in my Buy One Get One FREE store (purchase retired products and get the same value FREE in the new catalog), and leave with a couple of terrific make and takes featuring new colors and products.   Go ahead—get your calendars—-JUNE 15th!!  10 am- 1 pm…..Details to follow.


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