Zoo Babies and other Wildlife Stories


Do you know what happens to baby robins when they leave the nest?    The LEAVE the nest!

No, “I am going now.  Thanks for the accommodations!”.

No, “I am going to try out these wings.  I will be back later!”

No, “You are not the boss of me!  I am out of here!”

They just LEAVE!

You know I love birds!  They make me happy—even the photo of the angry   Bluebird!

Well, we have these (nasty) holly bushes in the front of our house which are great for making nests, apparently.  We have had 2 robins (or one robin who build two nests) build nests in there over the past 2 years.  The bushes are really picky so it is difficult to get into—which is why you want to raise your family there.  Think of it as a “gated community” for birds.

Anyhow, a few weeks ago 3 robins hatched.  The nest was so far in the holly…and the bush so very picky that I couldn’t get a good look at their development BUT over the past week, I have watched them grow…..quickly… and a LOT!  I know that mother bird was thinking, “Listen—it is time for you to “spread your wings” and leave the nest—-Go get a job, for Pete’s sake!”…..and then it happened.  They left the nest—all 3 of them!  They were there yesterday morning and looking like they might want to try to fly….and chirping a lot about it…..but I had things to do and couldn’t watch them all day.  Well, when I checked in about noonish….they were gone!  AND I was not the only one surprised!  Momma came back with a mouth full of worms to share and she looked a little shocked that they left too!

But here is the strange thing, to me.   They never came back!  I don’t speak “Robin” so I don’t know if there was a big blow out when they left but I sort of expected they would come back….But they didn’t!

SOOOOOOO–the moral of the story is your kids will leave some day….and might not come back!  Enjoy them a little more today!   BUT—know if they don’t come back—YOU get to eat all the worms!!!

OK–on to today’s post:


I was heavily inspired by (and by that, I mean I totally copied) someone else’s card BUT—I don’t remember who.  Sorry!  In any case, this card uses the new In Color Designer Series Packs, Zoo Babies, and the Peekaboo Frames for the Big Shot.   Inside it says, “So happy to hear about your new monkey…..just know some day your monkey WILL leave…and maybe never come back!”

Kidding!!  (That would disturb a new parent, eh?!)

Ok–finally—I so hope you are planning on coming to my Catalog Kick Off , Buy One GEt One Free on Saturday.  I have been working on your make and takes as well as moving the 4 BINS of stamps (which doesn’t even include the accessories!) out to the garage for set up!  Tell me you can make it.  Check out the details here.

And remember–all current and NEW  club members who show up on Saturday get a special goody!

See you then!


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