Convention Bound


I was talking with a friend recently and we were discussing how we work best under pressure.   Truth is, I don’t work unless under pressure!!   I have known since April that I am leaving today for the Stampin’ Up! National Convention…..and STILL, YESTERDAY I spent the day working on my downline goodies (if you are in my downline and reading this…..I am NOT posting a photo so you will be surprised….plus they are still drying….Kidding! (Sort of!)), cleaning up my camera memory card, finishing up swaps, you name it!!   And right now, I really don’t have time to be posting….but I am…..under pressure.   So let’s make this quick, ok, people?

Here is one of my convention swaps


Here is a close up of my favorite part:


I know!    I can’t do a bow on a gift to save my life but I can do these little “air” bows and glue them on.  There is also a way to make  a little bow with a fork…but really….I have to run.  In fact, so late!!

Stamp set:  Zoo Babies
Other Stuff:   I promise to tell you about all the stuff I used to make this if you ask but right now, I have to run….but really—leave a comment and I will answer you.


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  1. Your swap is super cute! I cant wait to see posts from convention. Ive seen posts of the bag you got. Awesome. Learn a lot so you can teach me all of it.

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