Recharged and yet exhausted!


Well, I am back from Stampin’ Up!’s Annual Convention in Salt Lake City.  What a party they throw…..such a party that you need an extra bag to take home your party favors!

My intent today was to show you my Make and Take projects……That was my INTENT!  However, I opted for Take and Makes and the “making” part hasn’t happened yet….but there is always today!

So–let me show you a couple highlights of convention:


Setting Guiness World Book of Records for Most Greeting Cards Sent from One Location (and for standing in line!)!


All Attendee Prize Patrol—Fries for all!   Kidding—Stampin’ Up! has partnered with the Ronald McDonald House Charity and donates proceeds from a specially selected set each year.


Partying late into the night…..or at least after everyone else opted for bed!


An unsuspecting Ellen waiting for her moment during the 5 year march—Congrats, Ellen!  Here is to 5 more!


This is where it all begins…..Can you see all those stamps behind Theresa, Maureen, Christmas (his real name…or so he told us), and Sandy?!


Who wouldn’t love to work in the Stampin’ Up! Home office, Riverton, Utah!


Prize Patrol strikes again!!


The 80s cover band playing at a party–they were a hoot!


Not a great photo but the only one I have of all my team….how did THAT happen?!

Check this out:   The sample card display boards spelled out a message….but you couldn’t tell with the thousands of demonstrators normally in front of them.   I got lucky enough to see this one night.  I tested my new camera skills.  Can you see what it says?


And check out this display!!  Can’t tell you much more about it but a new product is on it’s way.   I will let you know when we have release date!


Ok–off to Make those “Take and Makes”!!


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