Hello, Lovely!


What a difference a day makes, eh?  Today is FREEZING, the Red Sox lost, and the Thank You Thursday special at Stampin’ Up! is over.  BUT–All is not lost!  IF you are reading this, you probably have access to heat (distract the boss and go turn it up!).  The World Series is still going strong.  Stampin’ Up! STILL has this fantastic WEEKLY special until Monday!

Why, you ask, are they having this crazy 25% off 25 sets deal??  Well, it is their birthday!  TODAY, in fact!  Happy Birthday to Stampin’ Up!   I think it is a strange tradition to give things away on your special day but I have heard of this before.   I have a friend who was living in England and I happen to be visiting on his birthday.  I met him at their “local” (that is cool Brit talk for “pub”) and HE had to buy drinks for everyone!  Strange Brit tradition that apparently the good people at Stampin’ Up! have adopted now that they have gone international.  Well, you don’t get free drinks but you do get a great deal on stamps!

Anyhow, I digress (SHOCKING!).   You still have until Monday to take advantage of these fantastic 25 stamp sets at 25% off.  There is something for everyone!  REALLY!  Check them out here.

SO–for the next couple of days, I am going to show you some samples using these sets:

blogoct25This sample is from a often overlooked set called “Hello, Lovely”!   Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all started the day with THAT greeting?!  The little pendanty things (or whatever you would call them) come from Hello, Lovely.  The words come from one of the all time best greeting sets, A Dozen Thoughts…..and, yes, Lovely, it IS on sale as well!!!     You are WELCOME!

Ok–can’t stop there.  Two samples in one day!  Crazy—-but don’t get used to this!   I offer monthly scrap classes where we make two double page spreads.  This month, we are meeting next WEDNESDAY night and here is one of the two we are doing:


I have a couple of openings left but space is limited so please RSVP right away to save your spot.

I know what you are thinking….”That could be game 6 of the World Series!”…..I don’t think so!


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