Decorating in the perfect world and corn dogs!

Decorating in the perfect world and corn dogs!

Today is the day I am supposed to decorate my house.  In an ideal world, here is how the day would go:

I would start with a cup of Hannaford’s Dark Roast Coffee (my current go-to favorite).  Then, I would put on “Elf”—and sing loudly as I gathered up the pumpkins which are still scattered throughout the house.   (it is sort of an un-decorating day too!)   I would find the bins all the pumpkins belong in and they would fit—along with this years additions to the fall decorating scheme.   I would easily lift these bins into the attic and put them right next to the perfectly packed and labled Halloween bins .   Next, I would give a good cleaning, dusting and vacuuming to all the spots I haven’t seen in a while!.  Then, after changing the dvd to A Christmas Story, I would take down the labeled and organized bins (and there would be NO “Misc. Christmas Bin” at all!).   I would begin placing the holiday decoations right where they belong and look best while meticulously packing up (in their own labled and organized bin!) all those items being replaced for the season.  The empty bins and the newly organized bins will be placed in the attic.   After all this is done, I will have another cup of Dark Roast, fire up my tv (translate:  turn to the fireplace channel), look around and sigh with the delight this house will bring all those that live here and visit.

BUT—I don’t think that is EXACTLY how it is going to go down.   For starters, I have a bin of Halloween stuff  still in the hallway that:

a. doesn’t have a cover

and b.  even if it did, it wouldn’t fit on it due to the newly acquired items.

BUT—I am going to do my best and hide anything that doens’ t work in the closet(….s)!   But, before I leave you for the day, I wanted to share this with you.  I really would like to adopt this child!   I love him and he makes me happy whenever I see him.  Hope he makes you smile….and someone gives you a corn dog today!


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