But that’s not all!


Before I show you today’s samples, I wanted to remind you that the Clearance Rack Blitz is going on with up to 80% off on some items.   Don’t miss out as they WILL sell out of the favorites!   You can go shopping just as you are—you are perfect just the way you are!–right here.  Enjoy! (Don’t forget that you can combine the Weekly Specials AND any other products your heart desires into one order.)

Did you ever sit there through one of those crazy commercials where they are offering you some amazing invention for $19.99—“But that’s not all!”??   I sort of kept saying that this past weekend at our Power Of Positive Inking (P*O*P*I*) party.   Every gift that was opened was amazing!   “But that’s not all!”   Someone would open up another amazing gift!

Unlike those commercials, though, there weren’t  2 of anything!   Each gift was an unique creation.   I wish there were two….of everything, in fact.  But that wasn’t the case.   Take a look at a few more of the swap gifts here:


“But that’s not all!”   Stay tuned tomorrow for more!


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