One more batch of gifts


(Did you notice how pretty the snow falling on this blog post is?   I think it is because you don’t have to shovel  it or drive in it—-that is MY kind of snow—enjoy it.  (Courtesy the good people at WordPress!))

I planned on showing you all the team swap gifts last week but somehow….that didn’t happen!  Anyhow, it is Monday morning, the beginning of a new week and I have plans to get a LOT done this week.  I start every Monday that way….but this time I mean it!

So—my goal today is to show you what you should have seen on Friday:

blogdec13Patti made this fantastic little tree from a bunch of rosettes (using her handy Rosette die from Stampin’ Up!).  Sandy’s snowman is multi media canvas art.   Adorable!!!  And the “Merry” frame was something I doctored up using the Expressions Thinlit Dies and Festive Flurry Stamp set.  I always look for sales on frames or shadow boxes….because you never know when you will need them, right?   Well, I needed it when my first project that I had in mind didn’t work.   You know how that goes.   ANYhow, this is sort of a shadow box frame.  The middle of it is raised up on a block—hard describe but look in the frame isles whenever you are shopping. You will be surprised with what you might find.   AND—you can’t see it in the photo but I was able to emboss on the actual frame.   Easy peasy—just as you emboss on cardstock!

Ok–I am going to cross off “blog post of gifts” now and go move onto the thousand other projects on that list today!  Thanks for stopping by.


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