Good news on the “Most Depressing Day of the Year”!


I heard on the news this morning that this is the most depressing day of the year.   What a way to start your day, eh?  I don’t think they should be allowed to tell you that!   I think if it is true, you will find out on your own.   BUT,  I think it must have  something to do with the “getting back to the normal routine”….and all your Holiday decorations mocking you —-as they haven’t been put away yet.  Ah well!  I guess if you want to look at the bright side, at least the “Most Depressing Day of the Year” is over by January 7th—-That is good news, right?!

Well, I thought I would share a photo I took this weekend because I think birds make everyone happy.  This may not be true….it is I just my thought  (Many of my thoughts are not true!).

blog jan6.1

I love his inquisitive look—-like he is thinking , “Really, a snow day on the SECOND day they are back to school after a week and a half off??!!”

Ok—Are you in a better mood now?   Hope so because my sample card today, while a cheery card, is sort of a bad photo.   I have new lighting in my stamp “lab” and am still working on the photo taking….and to boot, you can’t see the “mat” all the way around as I took the photo at a funny angle….but it is just way it is going to be today!

blog jan 6

This is a brand new set from Stampin’ Up! called Happy Congratulations.   I love this set.  The possibilities are endless—-think of all the graduations, birthdays, weddings, babies, etc, that you could use this card for by just switching out the colors.   And because it is sort of  “sketchy”, you don’t need to be precise about the placement of your hanging lanterns!  There are words in the stamp set but I love the Yippee Skippee words and feel like they just aren’t used enough in everyday life.

So today—try to fit “Yippee-Skippee” into conversation… and just watch how happy it will make those around you!!

Stamp Sets:   Happy CongratulationsYippee-Skippee!

Paper and Ink:  Strawberry Slush, Whisper White, Costal Cabana, Crisp Cantaloupe


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