SaleABration Celebration Memories!


Wow!  What a weekend!   I had more fun than I even expected (and that was a LOT) stamping with a bunch of fabulous women at our SaleABration Celebration!

Here is just a sample of some of the festivities for the day:Celebrating SaleABration!

Stampers are a hardy bunch and they don’t let a little forecast of yet even more snow stop them.  We had a big crowd of  fantastic women –some experienced stampers, some demonstrators and some, BRAND new crafters!   The projects ranged from bags of tags to cake boxes….and everything in between!   We stamped, we adhered, we laughed , we ate, we embossed, we big shotted, we laughed some more.   What a fantastic day!   We are definitely doing this again (think fall).  Hope you can make it.

IF you weren’t able to make it but would like in on some of this fun, we still have a few kits left which include complete directions and all the makings for the projects.   Let me know if you are interested.


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