Short and SA-WEET!!!!!!



I have super exciting news from the home office! The Short & Sweet recruiting promotion is here! It IS short: It only lasts from August 21-28. And it IS sweet: New recruits will receive $150 in their choice of Stampin’ Up! products for the $99 starter kit price.  Not only that but you don’t have to pay shipping on this starter kit!  SA–WEET!!!

Well, Betty, that sounds interesting but what is my obligation from here?

Stampin’ Up! demonstrators put in a minimum of $300 worth of orders per quarter.   You don’t have to make up names—you can put in a $300 order for yourself!  No questions asked (Well–not by Stampin’ Up! and certainly not by me!)!

Hmmm, you have my interest now.  When would my first order be due?

Glad you asked!   You first order is due by the end of December—-and let’s face it—you (and your friends) are going to want a lot of stuff this fall!  But–the news is better still!  You get an extra 10% bonus on orders placed within the first 45 days so you are going to want to do that.

I see…..and is there any chance I could add some of the terrific new products from the FANTASTIC holiday catalog to my starter kit???   Pretty Please????

Ok–since you asked so nicely.  Go ahead and add them!

Ok–you got me!  Where to I go from here?

Now, all you have to do is click here  to sign up!



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