Spoiler Alert!



I was never one of those kids who dug around for my Christmas presents.   I really enjoy surprises.  Some say that it is still a surprise–just sooner….and sneakier.   But that is not how I roll.   In fact, I have been in the “back” at Disney World –by mistake– and not wanted to open my eyes.  I like to see the “final ” production–no sneak peaks.

BUT–I have been told–not everybody is like me!  (Good thing!) .

You might be one of them.   If you are, you might want a little sneak peek of some of the projects we are doing at our Fall Frenzy this coming Saturday in Walpole.   If not, look away:

Fall Frenzy sneak PeakLook fun?   This is just 3 of the 10 projects we have planned for you.   We will provide everything you need–all supplies, adhesives, snacks, drinks, everything! (Just bring a camera and  bag lunch) If you are interested in coming, you need to get all the details and  RSVP here.  If you are interested but can’t make it Saturday, you can order a Take and Make kit where you can make the same projects in the comfort of your own home.   Again, RSVP here.   Hope to see you Saturday!



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