We should all have a minion….or 2!


The other day, I was teaching a card class at the Norton Library and we made these fun Minion cards:

blog feb .6


Everyone should have a minion, don’t you think?  Just imagine what you could get done! And cute minions are the best kind of all (frankly, I would take any kind of minion I could get!).   These minions were a direct copy (“CASE”~~Copy And Steal Everything) from Rosemarrie Gonzalez (Thanks, Rosemarrie).  I swapped this card with her at a Stampin’ Up! event.

Here is another photo:

blog feb .5


If you have a lot of circle punches and a Word Window punch, this is a piece of cake to put together.   Even if you don’t have the word window punch, you can make do.

One tip:  Don’t forget about  Stampin’ Up!’s glue sticks.   While I am not generally a fan of glue sticks, I love Stampin’ Up!’s rectangle glue sticks.  They are perfect for little things like this mouth here.

su glue   And they are only $3.95 for 2!

Speaking of mouths, to get this wanky shape, I punched one circle punch and then moved the same punch up slightly  on the paper and punched again.   Then to adhere it, I sort of pushed the punched mouth into the glue stick to get the adhesive to stick to the back.

Easy!  If you don’t have all the punches, adhesives or paper  you need for this project, I am happy to help you out.  Just click here.



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