Time to spread a little happiness! Spring Stamp a Stack


Will this winter EVER end???  I know–spring follows winter–every year….but I am having doubts about that right now.   As I type , there is one little chipmonk sticking his head out of his little hole in the snow.  I can tell he is thinking, “WASSUP WITH THIS?!?!”   I am thinking the same thing!   True–it has not snowed in several days and the sun is shining.  A lot of snow has melted. I know I should not complain—but there is still SO MUCH SNOW out there!   And it is cold…and windy!!

Ok–enough whining!   Time for fun!   I am having a Spring Stamp a  Stack on Monday night.  All bright, fun cards!  Here are a couple samples of cards we will be making:


We will be making a total of 12 cards and these are just a couple of them.  I promise you will leave happy and with a stack of cards to spread even more happiness!

To RSVP for the class, click here.


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