Halloween Licorice Stick Brooms Tutorial

Halloween Licorice Stick Brooms Tutorial

I wanted to show a quick and EASY Make & Take that we made at my BOGO sale this past week:

(This is my first attempt at blogging from my cell so I apologize for the photos).

imageSo cute!   I don’t even LIKE black licorice— but it was perfect for this.  You do what you have to for a cute project!

Sadly, I couldn’t find individually wrapped black licorice but Stampin’ Up! sells these perfect narrow cello bags –$2.50 for 50 bags!  I used a wooden spoon handle to sort of open up the bag so it was easier to get the licorice in.


Now for the actual broom bottom—   I used 2 1/2″ x12″ of DSP.   I adhered Tear & Tape at about 1″ down the entire 12″ stop.  I then used our FANTASTIC Fringe  Scissors (133325) and cut up the entire stop on both sides.

Now take the Tear & Tape off and roll the licorice up as tight as you can.   I then tied 16″ of Linen Thread around the base and added a little “Boo”  (From Happy Scences)tag for fun.  (I used the 3/4″ circle Punch and the 7/8″ Scallop Punch)  Once you have added your tag, just sort of smoosh out the bottom so it looks like a real witches broom!

These are so cute and and they can even stand on their own so they make great decorative treats !  (Actually, in this house, they are strickly decorations as nobody here thinks Black Licorice is a “treat”!)


Let me know what you think and stop by my store for any items you might need!


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