Flicking Glue=Gorgeous Card!

Flicking Glue=Gorgeous Card!

Time is a tickin’!   Today is the last day to order your stamps at 15% off!!

su sale

Don’t stop at just stamps tho—While you are at it–get everything you need for your upcoming crafting!  Don’t forget about the weekly deals and the clearance rack!



So while you are busy shopping, you might want to consider this gorgeous stamp set, Vintage Leaves.

Here is one of the projects we did at my club last month using that set:


Sara Douglas from  Stampin’ Up! demonstrated something VERY similar at our convention.   I didn’t change much—If it is good enough for Sara, it is good enough for me!  Sadly, the sparkle of this card can’t be captured in a photo.  Isn’t that always the way!  Sparkle CAN’T be captured–It has to be “experienced”!

So if you want to experience your own sparkle, here is the recipe:

  • Get out your Tombow Multipurpose Glue (“green glue”–not green at all!).
  • Squeeze out into some sort of container, plate, waxed paper–whatever.   Add a little water using a paint brush or aquapainter.   It should be the consistency of “watery glue”  (Thanks, Alice!).
  • Flick the concoction onto the card front using the same paintbrush or aquapainter.
  • Now–this is the fun part—DUMP your gold (or silver) glitter onto the card front.  It will only stick where the flicked glue is.

I know you are thinking you can just add dots of glue with your new Fine Tip Glue Pen and then add the glitter.  Well–I am here to tell you , don’t bother!   It is a fine look–just not the same casual “flicked” look.   (I tried).

So–while you are flicking glue around–make a lot!   These cards are perfect for fall birthdays (even for men!), thinking of yous, (that was a plural–not “Youz”–like as in “Youz Guys!”), Thanksgiving—you name it!  Gorgeous card!  And once you get the system down, just think about the possibility for your holiday cards!!!!

Let me know if you try it!

As always, let me know if there is anything I can do for you.  Happy to help!



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