Ridiculous Amounts of Happiness

Ridiculous Amounts of Happiness

Today’s post is quick–after all, it is Friday!

So happy Friday.  Today, I wish you ridiculous amounts of happiness!

Truth is–that is from a stamp.  I could never think that one up.  But I love it.    Imagine, if you will, you are Dunkin Donuts and the person behind the counter hands you your order.  You take your coffee and instead of the usual, “Thank you”, you say, “I wish you ridiculous amounts of happiness!”.    I bet you that not only will you be the talk of the store for the next half hour, but you will DEFINITELY get the BEST donut on the rack the next time you go in!

Seriously–what a fantastic greeting.  Just once this week, use it–on anyone you choose–and see what happens.   Let me know how it turns out.

This card is as simple as it gets!  I took advantage of the GORGEOUS new Botanical Gardens paper by Stampin’ Up! and didn’t have to do much else.   This paper is actually designed to coordinate with the Botanicals Blooms stamp set so you can add a little more to it –if you choose.  I didn’t choose–today.   In any case, I was able to stamp a little greeting (from Cottage Greetings ), use my punches, Big Shot a flower (color in center of flower with gel pen), grab a bit of baker’s twine and call it a day!

I really DO wish you ridiculous amounts of happiness today!  And I am serious–try it and leave me a comment about how it goes.

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