Tutorial on cutting Red Foil Heart

Tutorial on cutting Red Foil Heart

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Today’s post is a classic Valentine.   Whisper White and Real Red.  Doesn’t get more classic than that.  I used the Red Foil paper for the heart–adds an elegance that only red foil can!!

If you aren’t aware, you can purchase this stamp set, Bloomin’ Love, and the Thinlits, Bloomin’ Heart, as a bundle and save yourself 15%!   Check it out here.

I tried cutting this Red Foil paper a couple of different ways to test out what would happen.  Initially, I was concerned about getting the “brush marks” on the foil  from the Big Shot Die Brush due to the nature of the foil paper.  In order to avoid this, I cut the paper “upside down”.  Here is my tip:

**Tip on cutting the Red Foil–Do NOT cut the paper upside down!

If you place your cutting side of the thinlet on the white side–back–of the paper, it will cut the image fine and you won’t get any marks on your paper when using the Big Shot Die Brush BUT–you will have these “harsh” looking edges–

blog 1:29.2

If you are going to create a sweet card using a beautiful doily like heart–the last thing you want is harsh edges!

So what I would recommend is that you cut it right side up and either use wax paper between the foil sheet and the thinlet or use a delicate touch to get the paper out of the die.  Either worked equally fine for me:

blog 1:29.1

Now–what you may not know–and what may get you to see  that you REALLY do need this die is that you get an added bonus.   This is NOT just a beautifully delicate heart shape!  It is so much more!  Check out what else I found while cutting these:

blog 1:29.3

That’s right—You get shoes in this die as well!!

blog 1:29.4

I realize they are tiny but you never know when you are going to need a tiny pair of red pumps!

So while I was showing this discovery to some friends, they were pointing out some of the other shapes they saw in the “die poop”–We found a bunch of apples, a warped heart and I am fairly certain there is a mountain goat.   Not kidding–go look at the picture.

First person to tell me where they see the goat will get a prize from me.  Just post a comment below!



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